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XTR 400

20 - 400 mm

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XTR 400 

High Pressure

XTR 400 is an universal high performance electrofusion machine, suitable for welding HDPE and PP couplings (from 8 to 48 V).

Composed of:
- A versatile machine body, capable of adapting to different operational needs, inside and outside the trench; the welding machine is placed inside a high resistant case made of PP with IP 67
- An laser scanner - barcode reading system that allows the automatic setting of the welding parameters. There are nonetheless two manual settings available: by setting the welding tension/time parameters, and by input the numerical code indicated under the bar code
- A memory with 500 welding cycles, featuring the possibility of transferring data to a PC/Laptop, to an external USB storage device, or to a serial printer RS-232. Report PDF file
- A large graphic display provided with an heating system perfect for an easy and fast reading with temperatures -5°C

- XTR 400
- Universal adapter Ø 4,0 - 4,7 mm
- Laser scanner 
- Transport case IP 67
- Manual scraper


  Technical features: 

Materials HDPE/PP/PP-R
Working range Ø 20 ÷ 400 mm
Power supply 110 V single phase 50/60 Hz
230 V single phase 50/60 Hz
Total abdorbed power 4000 W 
Max output current 100 A 
60% Duty Cycle output  65 A (110 V) - 70 A (230 V)
Memory capacity 500 reports
Protection degree machine body  IP 54
Protection degree trasport case IP 67
Dimensions  530x450x230 mm
Weight 21,5 Kg


electrofusion machine

universal adapter

 universal adapter

laser scanner

manual scraper