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EASY LIFE: ask us for a quote, you’ll be surprised… And your next welder is going to be…. An EASY LIFE!

When you’re able to perform a stress-free welding, without time or pressure mistakes caused by human error … it’s already a big plus.

This system has been developed by Ritmo more than ten years ago and has reached its fourth version.  

In brief: you set the parameters (pipe OD, pressure, time) and the system will make sure that the welding process is performed and repeated non-stop with zero mistakes. The only thing that the operator must do is validate the progress of the working phases.

It’s harder to explain it than it is to use it! That’s why Ritmo chose EASY LIFE for a name… It respects Ritmo’ philosophy on the development of new products.

The above features are only part of the success this system has had.



We should add: 
-          Robust electronics

-          Diagnostics
-          Memory
-          Easy firmware reprogramming
-          Report


Ritmo has been insisting and investing on the reporting, aiming at a greater quality and professionalism for those working on the building sites.

You’ll find the following data on the reports: welding date and time, heating plate temperature, type of material and OD of the pipes being welded. You may also add other information, such as the name of the operator, the exact location, all sort of notes…. Besides the standard welding cycle technical data (welding pressure and time).

EASY LIFE offers a very easy and professional operative method that clients all around the globe appreciate and find it a PLUS that distinguishes Ritmo S.p.A.

The newest version has been redesigned to decrease its costs, so that EASY LIFE can be accessible to everyone. Also, the new version is no longer connected only to RITMO top line models such as TRAILER and ALL TERRAIN, now the EASY LIFE can be used with the entire BASIC models (160 – 355 mm) and with another two welders, for medium-big size diameters: DELTA 500 and DELTA 630.

With RITMO, your life is indeed EASY… from 40 to 630mm!

Ask us for a quote, you’ll be surprised… And your next welder is going to be…. An EASY LIFE!