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APP - SET & GO! 

Butt Fusion for Pressure Pipe


“SET & GO”  FREE APP developed by RITMO for its butt fusion machines.

“SET & GO”  calculates the welding parameters in a simple, fast and useful way. 

Through easy steps, like selecting the machine model, setting up the pipe data and choosing the welding standard, “SET & GO” tells you immediately your welding parameters!

The welding cycle is assisted and guided, step-by-step, by a handy timer with countdown function. 

 “SET & GO” … set to the future!  




  Technical features:

  • Language available: English, Spanish, Italian.
  • Machine model: you may choose from the list of Ritmo’s butt fusion hydraulic machines or digit the piston area (cm2, in2).
  • Welding standard: ISO 21307 SLP/DLP/SHP, UNI 10520 SINGLE/DUAL, DVS 2207-1, DVS 2207-11, ASTM F2620-13, WIS 4-32-08. You may also digit the interface pressure (MPa, bar, psi).
  • Pipe diameter: you may choose from the list or digit the data (mm, in, IPS, DIPS).
  • SDR: you may select it from the list or digit the pipe thickness (mm, in).
  • Material: PE, PEHD or PP.
  • Dragging pressure: bar or psi.
  • Display of welding parameters: °C/bar or °F/psi.
  • Timer: the alarm starts sounding in the last 10 seconds of each phase.