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Easy Life System 

Butt Fusion for Pressure Pipe

EASY LIFE is an automated welding system able to manage the cycle of work, the heating plate, the milling cutter and the machine body.
The electrohydraulic gearcase, controlled by a software, simplifies the work in the jobsite and avoids human mistakes.

EASY LIFE offers:

  • Ease of use
  • Quality in welding

Hardware and software interact to each other sharing data during the entire workflow. Once set the welding parameters up, the system guarantees the repetition of the welding cycle. The operator only has to confirm the work phases just pushing a button on the control panel of the gearcase.

A data-logging constantly tracks the welding cycle and saves the data in an internal hard-drive capable to store up to 4000 welds. The data will be available through PDF reports, downloadable in a USB pen drive. The gearcase recalls from an archive up to 50 preferred settings, saved by the operator.


Manual Easy Life
Three operations to do:
1 - open the carriage
2 - remove the heating plate
3 - close the carriage / perform welding
…possible mistakes!
Just one operation to do:
1 - remove the heating plate



The EASY LIFE system also offers this benefits:

  • Easy setting and easy to use
  • Avoid mistakes
  • Repeat the welding cycles
  • Wide product range
  • Reliability and precision
  • Affordable system
  • 100% quality
  • Wi-fi ready

Available for:

BASIC line
(5 models)
Ø 40 ÷ 355 mm
DELTA line
(2 models)
Ø 200 ÷ 630 mm

(8 models)

Ø 75 ÷ 1000 mm
Materials HDPE - PP – PVDF
Field of application Water, gas, mines, industry, civil engineering