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45° - 90°

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special shoes 45°-90° 


Teflon shoes for STARGUN line: 45° and 90°; these interchangeable accessories make the line much more versatile.
Both shoes have two 360° rotation points: in between the extruder and the shoe holder, and in between the shoe holder and the Teflon shoe.

This dual rotation, along with the working angle, give the operator the chance to weld in extremely difficult or nearly impossible spots.

This feature brings and enormous advantage, specially to compact models like STARGUN K-SB 20 or STARGUN K-SB 30, for it extends their working range. Furthermore, those Teflon shoes allow a better effectiveness in narrows spaces, granting a wider working versatility, given by the enhanced manoeuvrability. 
Both Teflon shoes, on request, are available for all STARGUN models.