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FLOW Line is used for a limitless applications and sectors: plastic works, construction, material recycling, bumpers fixing, signage and so on.

Through a precise hot airflow (maximum temperature at 700° C) is possible to weld a plastic rod, performing repairs, bending materials, shaping, creating joints, overlapping sheaths and sheets, drying non-flammable paints and varnishes, defrosting etc.

The STYLO model is equipped with a temperature power regulator but it is very light and versatile as well, in fact it uses an external compressed air supply. These characteristics make STYLO compact and handy. STYLO is supplied with round nozzle 5 mm cod 67204000.
Available in 120V or 230V.

A large number of tips and accessories are available! Providing new solutions to always welding at best.

Technical features:

Power supply

1300 W 120 V 50/60 Hz

1500 W 230 V 50/60 Hz

20° ÷ 700° C
Air demand/ Air quantity 80 ÷ 250 l/min
Protection class II (double insulated)
Weight 0,4 Kg