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KELA 16-63

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KELA 16-63 - Video 

Kela is a universal and compact aligner suitable for plastic pipes, fittings and electrofusion saddles.
Thanks to its particular clamp design, it is possible to aligne pipes and fittings in a straight position or at 45° and 90°.

Kela is equipped with two plates: a wide and a narrow one, to be used according to the application.

The wide plates are used for the straight alignement and give a better grip and positioning, while the narrow plates are designed to make Kela more compact and therefore easier to use in the 45° and 90° application, as well as in narrow working conditions or electrofusion saddles welding.

The working range can be easily adjusted thanks to these interchangeable plates.

Kela is supplied with a transport bag and it is available in metric version with working range Ø 16 ÷ 63 mm;
in inches CTS: Ø ½” ÷ 2” CTS
in inches IPS: Ø ½” ÷ 2” IPS