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Digital Dragon 2.0 

- New design 
- Low maintenance costs 
- Maximum accuracy

These are the main advantages of Ritmo’s new thermoregulator, Digital Dragon 2.0. The new design, with smooth curves and reduced dimensions, gives it a more modern and refined look. Its containing box is now extremely easy to open, allowing fast maintenance when needed.

All the distinctive Digital Dragon features that made it a success are still there in the new version: ± 1° C accuracy, easy temperature reading and setting, through the operator-friendly pushbuttons.

The Digital Dragon 2.0 comes with the following welders: BASIC 160, BASIC 200, BASIC 250, BASIC 315, BASIC 355, DELTA 160 M, DELTA DRAGON 160, DELTA DRAGON 250 B, DELTA DRAGON 315 B, DELTA DRAGON 355 B.