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FM 630/125 mm 


Workshop Machine for the fabrication of PP-R manifolds. Materials: PP; PP-R

The machine is composed by a support frame with two self-centering clamps that are free to slide independently along
the whole length.

An off-set work station also free to move along the frame where are positioned: the welding machine, the driller, two
control panels and the power supplier.

The drilling machine always guarantees a centered hole in the middle of the pipe.

The trolley system of the work station, with an electric motion regulated by a potentiometer, always allows easy
operations during the movement, drilling and welding phases. The machine is equipped with two anti-tilt systems at
the sides.

Hole saws
Dimensions of hole saws and connection shafts depend on physical characteristics of the PP-R fittings.

Welding sockets:
Saddle sockets available for different brands.