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INDIA - Pipeline for gas 

Shahdol in the central Indian - State of Madhya Pradesh, the economy is growth; 
the work involves the collection directly from the wells (303) of natural gas: the Coal Bed Methane.

- Pipeline for gas 470 km long.
- Material PE 100
- Diameters from 4 "to 24" and SDR 11.


The CBM it’s a natural Gas normally absorbed and conserved in really deep carbon mines. Is also known as Coal Seam Gas (CSG). It’s extracted from the depressurization of carbon mines through a long-lasting dehydration. We are talking about a “Noble Gas” which does not require any treatment before being sold and it is composed by 95% of pure methane gas with a really small amount of heavy hydrocarbons. This kind of gas, is also collected straight away in the carbon mines before starting with the carbon extraction.

The welders’ teams that operates have been specifically trained by RITMO, while in the job site they have been supervised by experts of “Leister Technologies India”, the Ritmo’s exclusive distributor for the Indian Market.

For this prestigious work, they have been using different RITMO’s welders, all belonging to the TRAILER LINE: Delta 250 Trailer, Delta 355 Trailer, Delta 500 Trailer e Delta 630 Trailer.

Choosing to use the TRAILER LINE’s we could take advantage of many benefits as: a welder with trolley for easy movements, an automatized welding cycle: Ritmo’s EASY LIFE, an incorporated data-logging, as well as the easiness in using these welders.

Besides these advantages, there is the possibility to weld following the ISO 21307 High Pressure Standard that reduces the working time up to 60%. These characteristics are allowing welders to compete the work faster and in time. 

Speaking with them, in fact, they are enthusiastic to explain the detail of this job that will offer new potentials economically speaking. The compliments for these practical machines are many and everybody seem to agree that all these characteristics identify the Ritmo’s quality.

In the job site, the working phases keep going on with a constant rhythm and the end of every phase sign a step forward to the satisfaction understanding the future wealth opportunities.

Here we go than, you can feel in the air the perfumes of spices and incenses telling us that the hope for the future is good reason to celebrate.