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ELEKTRA 1000 - Electrofusion fitting 900 mm 


We’re in Monteforte D’Alpone in the province of Verona, where a new hydro system is being created.

The new line is meant to take water into a retention basin which will then discharge into the Alpone torrent to protect downtown from flooding.

The first thing that catches our attention is the complexity of the task: a ditch 3m wide and deep, inside which we find a HDPE pipe OD 900mm with SRD 17 – all of this at the very heart of the village.

The new system’s path crosses the methane’s one, forcing the use of many by-passes and creating several temporary interruptions.


The second thing that catches our attention is the presence of DELTA 630 and Elektra 1000 with which an OD 900mm fitting is going to be welded to join a bend with the main pipe system.

The welding team is coordinated by Mr. Marino Aldrighetti from AMG, who sets the rhythm for the positioning and subsequent stages until the welding.

All steps require a lot of attention in order not to compromise the final result. 

When the welding moment arrives, the Elektra 1000 shows all its great features and benefits.  



The long welding cables make sure that the machine remains outside the ditch while doing its work.

Furthermore, the parameters are set automatically by using the scanner. All one needs is to push OK, and the cycle begins.

While the machine is welding, we have time to discuss about the next phases, as well as appreciate its design and robustness, large memory, the fact that you can have the reports in PDF…

But, most of all, what we appreciate from this Ritmo machine is its capacity of non-stop weldings in such big diameters.

This is a fundamental feature when welding large diameters electro-fusion fittings. 


The work is done and everybody is ready to take a picture before the ditch is closed.

In the land of wine (Soave), water can finally run without any obstacles. Time to celebrate!