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PPXVII FOCUS: Ritmo “stands” 

FOCUS: Ritmo “stands” ! 

The 17th edition of the Plastic Pipe Conference has recently been concluded, gathering all major players in the plastic sector. Top managers, engineers, researchers, they all attended the 3-day conference with case studies, special developments, etc. with the aim of publicizing and improving the potentiality of application of plastic pipes, besides tracing its future. Close to one hundred meetings took place, covering the subject on a 360° basis.

Ritmo did not miss this or the previous editions, because it takes the guidelines very seriously, transferring them to its products.

HDPE lifespan discussion stood out from amongst the various other subjects, revealing objectively that an HDPE pipeline can easily surpass 100 years of good service.

It also became a firm notion that the plastic pipes are becoming more and more global, with a widespread application in the water, gas and drainage sectors in the emerging markets. Similarly, it became common knowledge that pipe manufacturers are investing good money in the enhancing of HDPE pipes performance, be it in terms of improved pressure resistance, as in a decrease of “carbon footprint”, so that plastic pipes can finally become eco-friendly.

A few important projects in OD 1400-1600mm in China, Australia and India were also displayed, as well as the earthquakes-caused strains in a 27-year-old pipeline in New Zealand.

Another important aspect debated was the cost-benefits ratio obtained when using good quality material and following a proper work procedure - welding included.

A notion that was there to stay, very clearly, was exactly the fact that a good and lasting job requires attention. All stages must be respected, from the pipe production to the laying of the welded pipes inside the ditch. And in between one and the other, Ritmo “stands”, offering its certified technology in plastic welding.

Next edition in 2 years – in Berlin.