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Polyfusion 2-100

3 ÷ 100 mm

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Polyfusion 2-100 

Sheet Welding

POLYFUSION 2-100 is a hydraulic  welder for HDPE and PP sheets up to two meters wide and 3 mm to 100 mm thickness. The machine can also weld twin-wall sheets.

The welding cycle is handled by a control panel which commands the hydraulic gearcase; “Dual Pressure” welding is also feasible.

The manual heating plate, located under the machine body, has a height adjustment handwheel. The temperature is controlled by a built-in high-precision electronic thermoregulator,

The sheets are fixed to the machine body by hydraulic arm; the locking arm has an articulated joint that allws its opening and the easy extraction of the welded sheets.

The welding machine has a small modulated sustaining frame to perform 90° weldings (Kit on request).
Circular welding is possible with an optional device, being the minimum achievable diameter of 500 mm with  12 mm thickness (Kit on request).


Technical Features 

Materials  HDPE/PP and twin wall sheets

Max. working width

2000 mm

Min. weldable thickness    

3 mm

Max. weldable thickness     

100 mm
Types of welding

Line - standard composition

90° - kit on request

Circular - kit on request
(min Ø 500 with 12 mm thickness)   

Power supply 400 V Three Phase 50/60 Hz
Max. absorbed power 10500 W 
Pressure working range    0 ÷ 170 BAR
Dimensiones      2833x1990x1367 mm
Weight      1200 Kg