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sigma 1200 - 1600 pro 

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SIGMA 1200 PRO and SIGMA 1600 PRO are electric workshop band saw machines, for plastic pipes up to 1200 and 1600 mm. They're the ideal equipment to match Alfa fittings fabrication machines. Both the preparation and cutting phases are extremely simple and safe to perform.

SIGMA 1200 and 1600 were specially designed to perform easy cuts with a wide range of angles (from - 45° to 67,5°).  Thanks to a PLC system, the operator can input the exact cutting angles with the highest precision.

Composed of:
- Pipe housing bench, a blade-housing arm (belt type), moving on a spherical bearings guide, performing settable advancing speed. It can rotate on an arc system, and perform a wide range of share angles
- A continuous control blade guide telescopic system, to reduce to the minimum the blade vibration, regardless of the diameter and/or thickness of the pipe being cut. Provided with a laser-beam pointing system to localize the cutting area
- A safety pilot cabin, where the control panel is located. It is protected by guards for greater operator’s safety
- An easy-to-use control panel, featuring a simplified graphics display, where the inclination degree of the cutting arc is displayed


- Band saw machine complete of an auxiliary bench to cut welded pipe sector (for Tees), and support kit for the pipe sectors (to prevent them from being damaged)

- Scraps suction device

suction device







  Technical features - SIGMA 1200 PRO: 

Working range up to Ø 1200 mm (48" DIPS)
Angle precision degree  ± 0,1°
Power supply 400 V Three phase 50/60 Hz
Total abdorbed power   3600 W
Dimensions  7100x9200x4500 mm
Weight 4380 Kg

Technical features - SIGMA 1600 PRO: 

Working range up to Ø 1600 mm (64" DIPS)
Angle precision degree ± 0,1°
Power supply 400 V Three phase 50/60 Hz
Total abdorbed power   4600 W
Dimensions  8600x11800x5500 mm
Weight 4690 Kg


suction device