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Polyfusion 3 

3 m

POLYFUSION 3 Pneumatic sheet welding machine
CNC welding cycle
Compliant with welding standards DVS 2207
PE (DVS 2207-1); PP (DVS 2207-11); PVC-U (DVS 2207-12); PVC-C (DVS2207-13); PVDF (DVS 2207-15)
Weldable materials: sheet in PVC, PE, PP, PVDF; twin walls in PE and PP.
Welding range 3 ÷ 50 mm (contact RITMO S.P.A for more details) solid wall; max 60 mm twin walls

- Welds up to 3 mt length
- Suitable for small size sheets welding
- Working pressures: nominal 7 bar - maximum 9,5 bar
- Type of butt fusion welding: Straight, 90 ° welding (accessory on request), T welding (accessory on request), Circular welding (accessory on request)

- High density locking clamps that provide an homogeneous pressure distribution
- Led lights throughthe entire welding area
- Graduated scales to set the sheet in position
- Constant stabilizing pressure control
- Additional overboost
- Unlimited store of welding report
- Unlimited store of pre-setting parameters and possibility to recall them
- Welding cycles management according to the standards or customizable

Pre-set welding standards: - PE (DVS 2207-1) - PP (DVS 2207-11) - PVC-U (DVS 2207-12) - PVC-C (DVS2207-13) - PVDF (DVS 2207-15)
Twin wall pre-set parameters on suggested values: PANELTIM - RÖCHLING - SIMONA

- 4 independent welding areas
- CNC welding cycle
- Pre-setting store and recall parameters
- PLC control panel
- 12” touch screen
- Remote control and analysis
- Diagnostic feature
- Upgradable Software via USB

Standard composition:

- Folding lateral supports with bearing balls for the easy sheet movements
- High density locking clamps: they provide an homogeneous pressure distribution capable of stopping both large and thin thicknesses sheets, and working with long or short sheets
- Led lights through the entire welding area
- New Ritmo “AirPlus” system allows to complete a welding cycle even in the event of a unexpected fault of the air supply in your building
- The “Adjusty” system automatically adjusts the distance between heating plate and machine edge according to the thickness of the sheets. With thin sheets the system permits a welding without overlapping while for thick sheets enough space for the bead is guaranteed
- A PLC control panel allows the operator to program the working cycle quickly with the help of an intuitive touch screen
- Internal memory for unlimited number of jwelds.
- Download report in CSV format
- USB port
- Unlimited welding pre-setting (customized or preferred) easy to be recalled.
- Wide range of optionals and accessories to expand its functionality

Technical features

Materials PE/PP/PVC-C, PVC-U, PVDF

Max.working width

3050 mm

Weldable thickness solid wall

3 ÷ 50 mm (contact Ritmo S.P.A. for details)

Weldable thickness twin walll

up to 60 mm
Types of welding Plane, 90°, T, Circular
Power supply 400 V
Max. absorbed power 11500 W
Minimum requirements pneumatic supply 7 bar capacity= 300 l/min
Memory limitless
Report CSV limitless
Pre-set welding standards yes
Weight 2550 Kg
Dimensions unfolded bracket 4307 x 2673 x 1508 mm