3 ÷ 50 mm

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Polyfusion 2-50 

2 m

POLYFUSION 2-50 is a hydraulic  welder for HDPE and PP sheets up to two meters wide and 3 mm to 50 mm thickness. The machine can also weld twin-wall sheets.

The welding cycle is handled by a control panel which commands the hydraulic gearcase; “Dual Pressure” welding is also feasible.

The manual heating plate, located under the machine body, has a height adjustment handwheel. The temperature is controlled by a built-in high-precision electronic thermoregulator, 

The sheets are fixed to the machine body by manual handwheels; the locking arm has an articulated joint that allows its opening and the easy extraction of the welded sheets.

The welding machine has a small modulated sustaining frame to perform 90° weldings (Kit on request). 


 Технические характеристики



Максимальная рабочая ширина


 2000 мм

Минимальная сварочная толщиналиста   

 3 мм

Максимальная сварочная толщина листа

 50 мм

Типы сварки

 Плоская, под прямым углом,


 400Втрехфазное 50/60 Гц

Обзаяпотербляемая мощность

 8300 Вт 

Диапазон рабочего давления   

 0 ÷ 170 бар


 3169 x 1990 x 1162 мм


 1150 кг