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RTC 500 

RTC 500 Benefits
1 - Easy to install - you can’t go wrong
2 - Saves time on positioning and fixing
3 - Smooth and consistent motion
4 - Designed to ensure quality scraping over the years


RTC 500 is the choice of the professional who wants quality during the scraping process.
Created from the merge of the RTC 315 and RTC 710 models. It is a precise, versatile scraper with a wide working range: from Ø 180 mm to 500 mm (8” IPS ÷ 20” IPS).
Smooth rotation has always been a virtue of RTC scrapers, and as the working diameters increase, the more this feature is appreciated.
A tensioner allows a quality chip with constant thickness even with oval pipe.
The blade arm is telescopic, making the RTC 500 “MAXI.” This extension of the scraping length up to 465 mm allows chip removal up to the full length of the electrical coupler.
Relying on the quality of RTC scrapers has always been ...the right choice!

Working range OD - External Diameter Ø 180 ÷ 500 mm;
Working range ID - Internal Diameter Ø 110 ÷ 485 mm;
Materials HDPE, PP
Scraping length up to 465 mm
Dimension Max pipe scraper 780 x 500 x 250 mm
Carrying case size 480 x 280 x 750 mm
Carrying case Impact resistant hard plastic
Weight 14 Kg
Carrying case weight 10 Kg