plastic welding technology

since 1979

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gamma 160
GAMMA 160 is a manual butt welding machine for HDPE and PP pipes up to Ø 160 mm. GAMMA 160 features special jaws for manufacturing elbows. Machine can also weld moulded fittings like bends, tees, wyes (Y) and flange necks up to Ø160 mm; short flange necks can be welded with the help of a stub end holder (on request), applied to the clamps. Machine body of GAMMA 160 is compact and easy to transport. - A machine body with pressure regulating device of the bench vice closure - A steel...
delta 160 m
DELTA 160 M is a manual butt fusion welder for pipes up to Ø 160 mm. Leading particulars are the restricted weight, minimum overall dimensions and versatility. Featuring: a machine body, two clamps, an extractable electric milling cutter provided with a safety micro-switch, an extractable heating plate (with an independent thermometer to see the real working temperature and an electronic thermoregulator “Digital Dragon” with display), and two lateral supports on request. DELTA 160 M...