plastic welding technology

since 1979

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Socket Fusion

Manual SOCKET welders for joining pipes and fittings, in compliance with the standards in force. They feature an aluminum heating plate and a practical, heat-insulated plastic handle. They can weld HDPE, PP, PP-R, PVDF pipes and fittings, and they’re characterized by different shapes and working ranges, suitable for different applications. They’re available with an adjustable electronic thermoregulator (TE), or with a fixed electronic thermostat (TFE). This new TFE control system...
Prisma UP 90
Prisma Up 90 PLUS: ONLY ONE OPERATOR PERFECT CENTERING PIPE/FITTING COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT MAIN PIPE 63 ÷ 250 mm BRANCH PIPE 20 ÷ 90 mm UNIVERSAL FOR ALL MAJOR PIPE & SADDLE FITTING BRANDS Prisma Up 90 is a special PP-R saddle socket fusion machine. The machine is designed to weld special PP-R joints like collectors and reduced branches. The light weight of the machine enables an easy fixing. Working range: main pipe Ø 63 ÷ 250 mm ; branch pipe: 20 ÷ 90 mm....
Prisma 125 light
Welding machine PRISMA 125 LIGHT is a field machine for socket welding method, for pipe and fittings in HDPE, PP, PP-R, PVDF, PB for diameters included between 63 ÷ 125 mm (2" ÷ 4").   Leading particulares are the restricted weight, minimum overall dimensions and versatility. Featuring: a machine body, a self-centring clamp for locking the pipes, a self-centring clamp for locking the fittings, an extractable socket welder with an automatic electronic temperature, fitting holder and...
Prisma JIG
The PRISMA JIG is a compact socket welding machine for HDPE, PP and PP-R, PVDF, PB OD 20* ÷ 125 mm (standard composition steel clamps from Ø 63 to 125 mm; on request from Ø 20 to 63 mm). The machine displays a steel frame that can be used as a support to the aligning body; the unit distinguishes itself by being able to work in tight spaces, after a swift releasing manoeuvre of the frame. The PRISMA JIG has two trolleys, a fixed and a movable one, with practical closing handwheels...
Prisma 125
PRISMA 125 this workshop/construction site welding machine is suitable for the socket fusion of pipes and fittings up to an OD of 125 mm (¾” to 4”), in accordance with the standards in force. The PRISMA 125 is composed of a machine body featuring a selector for the welding depths of the different diameters, four self-centering steel clamps for locking pipes and fittings (different brands), a self-centring socket welder with electronic temperature control, a device for the maximum...
FM 630/125
FM 630 - 125 FITTINGS’ MANIFOLD Workshop Machine for the fabrication of PP-R manifoldsMaterials: PP; PP-R The machine is composed by a support frame with two self-centering clamps that are free to slide independently alongthe whole length. An off-set work station also free to move along the frame where are positioned: the welding machine, the driller, two control panels and the power supplier. The drilling machine always guarantees a centered hole in the middle of the pipe. The...
S02, pneumatic workshop machine to make special fittings (crossover fittings) Working range: Ø 20 ÷ 32 mmCutter with box for collecting pieces A dual station pressing bench with built- in cooling unit
SOCKETS & SPIGOTS: these accessories are necessary for the socket fusion of pipes and fittings. They were designed in accordance to the German standards, for which there are two version, "A" and "B", different in size and welding coupling depths. Available in two version: A and B different in size and welding coupling depthsDesigned in accordance to the German standards (DVS 2208)  
CHAMFERING tools are designed to make a bevel on the outside edge of a pipe end for socket fusion / electrofusion. This Chamfer allows heater faces and socket fittings to be easily pushed onto the pipe end.  
BEVELERS, these are professional tools for bevelling the ends of plastic pipes up to Ø 315 mm, that will be inserted into electrical couplers or plug-in joints. The SME 1 and SME 2 PLUS bevelers are made in a special Aluminum alloy. The special shape of the blades and the non-stick coating (PTFE) of the walls, allow a quick and easy bevel of the pipe. STANDARD COMPOSITION- Beveler body with blade  
MAYA 20-63
MAYA 20-63, manual tool for beveling the ends of plastic pipes for electrofusion, socket fusion, pipe connection. Maya 20-63 covers a range from 20 to 63 mm. Compact and lightweight this chamfering tool proves to be a useful tool to always have in the toolbox.