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Ritmo has professional distributors and resellers all over the world. Our staff is ready to assist you in English, Spanish, German, Arab, Italian and Portuguese


From many years now, we have decided that the best way to grant a client/distributor a perfect knowledge of our products Is to invest in custom training, in our own premises. These courses are aimed to teach how to operate the products in the best way, and how to supply the “first aid” when necessary.



When a client or a potential client wants to buy us a product, it is our standard procedure to help find the best solution to its needs.



Ritmo’s Service Centre can solve all kind of technical issues, as well as overhaul our machines.
Ritmo has other Service Centres abroad, linked to its official distributors.



In such a technical field as ours, the customer requires the best assistance. Thanks to the experience developed along the years, and to the co-operation with several manufacturers, institutions, schools and training institutes, RITMO is able to give the most comprehensive advice to no matter which related issue. 

Our company is a long-time member of a UNIPLAST’ s (UNI-Italian National Plastics Standards Body) working group dedicated to the study and draw up of new standards within our field. The importance of this group is linked to the fact that the expansion of the plastic welding field ought to be followed by a crescent sensitivity for safety issues, so to have a sustainable and continuous growth. The working group prepares draws, hence present them to the UNI to be discussed and eventually transformed into new standards. 


RITMO’ technicians are prepared to make the starting and testing of workshop machines at the client’ own premises, so that the fittings production can start almost immediately.



 The information and photos in this website are not binding and RITMO S.P.A. is free to make any alterations without prior notice.