plastic welding technology

since 1979

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Special Welding Machines

ALFA TEL - 800 is a workshop machine designed to weld pre-insulated district HDPE pipes and valves for both heating and cooling lines. ALFA TEL - 800 produces pre-insulated HDPE elbows within 400 ÷ 800 mm diameter range and jackets for valves within 400 ÷ 710 mm diameter range. ALFA TEL – 800 has a machine body with facer and interchangeable heating elements. The fitting segments are loaded onto the machine carriages and tightened by clamps. The hydraulic movements of carriages,...
FM 630/125
FM 630 - 125 FITTINGS’ MANIFOLD Workshop Machine for the fabrication of PP-R manifoldsMaterials: PP; PP-R The machine is composed by a support frame with two self-centering clamps that are free to slide independently alongthe whole length. An off-set work station also free to move along the frame where are positioned: the welding machine, the driller, two control panels and the power supplier. The drilling machine always guarantees a centered hole in the middle of the pipe. The...
S02, pneumatic workshop machine to make special fittings (crossover fittings) Working range: Ø 20 ÷ 32 mmCutter with box for collecting pieces A dual station pressing bench with built- in cooling unit