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18 May 2021

This workshop/construction site welding machine is suitable for the socket fusion of pipes and fittings up to an OD of 90 mm, in accordance with the standards in force. The PRISMA 90 is composed...
Mustang 160 v2

9 February 2021

Light, Small, Unique Dimensions machine body 65 x 185 x 46 mm This electrofusion machine is suitable for welding electrofusion fittings in HDPE from Ø 32 to Ø 160 mm, for low-pressure...
KELA 16-63

18 January 2021

Kela is a universal and compact aligner suitable for plastic pipes, fittings and electrofusion saddles. Thanks to its particular clamp design, it is possible to aligne pipes and fittings in a...