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Butt Fusion for Pressure Pipe

"SET & GO PRO" a Professional application for smartphones and tablets (Android) that changes forever the way to work with the Ritmo Easy Life butt fusion machines.
"SET & GO PRO" Put together the ease of use, innovation and quality, in a system with the advantages of a CNC welding system, but reducing significantly the costs of it.

It eliminates the expensive hardware of a data-logging and offer the highest quality at the lowest cost.

Set-up the easy life welding machine through your smart-phone/tablet with few and easy steps: choose the international welding standards (ISO, DVS, UNI, ASTM, etc.), pipe diameter and SDR.
With the GPS and smartphone scanner you can collect, transfer, and store information by project name. You can record the exact location of each pipe weld as well as the construction site, you can scan pipe and fitting barcodes, scan operator badge, and take a photo before and after the installation.
With a detailed report at the end of each weld you have all the technical data with exact graphs and parameters to compare against international welding standards and geolocation map.
You can quickly share the welding reports in pdf format via email and whatsapp or save them to your phone or on a cloud archive.
Choose "SET & GO PRO" because safety and quality are part of your job!


From APP STORE you can use only SET & GO, SET & GO PRO isn't available.


  Technical features:

  • Language available: English, Spanish, Italian.
  • Machine model: you may choose from the list of Ritmo’s butt fusion hydraulic machines or digit the piston area (cm2, in2).
  • Welding standard: ISO 21307 SLP/DLP/SHP, UNI 10520 SINGLE/DUAL, DVS 2207-1, DVS 2207-11, ASTM F2620-13, WIS 4-32-08. You may also digit the interface pressure (MPa, bar, psi).
  • Pipe diameter: you may choose from the list or digit the data (mm, in, IPS, DIPS).
  • SDR: you may select it from the list or digit the pipe thickness (mm, in).
  • Material: PE, PEHD or PP.
  • Dragging pressure: bar or psi.
  • Display of welding parameters: °C/bar or °F/psi.
  • Timer: the alarm starts sounding in the last 10 seconds of each phase.