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delta dragon cnc 

Butt Fusion for Pressure Pipe

Butt fusion welding can be managed automatically by using the DELTA DRAGON CNC system; this would eliminate any risk of error due to the operator.

It is available in two versions: SA with manual extraction of heating plate, FA with integrated mechanical extraction of heating plate. 
The CNC system is available for the Delta Dragon 250 B and 315 B models.

The gearcase it is equipped with a compact and innovative plastic casing, which can resist to the most extreme job site working conditions; particular attention was paid to the connections as well, by applying military type plugs. An easy to use software and control panel allow to view the most widely used welding standards (ISO, GIS, DVS and other).
By selecting any one of the standard and pipe diameter/SDR, all the welding parameters (pressure, time, temperature) would be automatically calculated according to the standard itself. If the chosen welding cycle is not included in the standards listed above, it is possible to manually input the welding parameters (diameter, SDR, type of material, welding time and pressure…) by simply entering the “out of standard” mode. In both cases, the machine is able to automatically manage all the phases of the welding cycle, including milling and heating control.

At the end of the welding cycle, all data are stored in the in-built memory, up to 4000 records.
Serial ports enable the operator to connect the gearcase to a portable serial printer (to obtain an immediate report) or to a PC. The gearcase is equipped with a USB port for welding report in PDF and to firmware upgrade.

The complete configuration includes:
- a linear transducer applied to the machine body
- a extractable heating element SA or FA
- hydraulic hoses with non-drip quick couplings for connecting the gearcase to the machine body
- a milling cutter
- a transducer cable for connecting the gearcase to the machine body
- a milling cutter/heating plate support

- Clamps’ inserts from Ø 75 to 225 mm (DELTA DRAGON 250 B)
- Clamps’ inserts from Ø 75 to 280 mm with master 250 mm  (DELTA DRAGON 315 B)
- Tool to weld flange necks/stub-end holder
- Clamps’ wooden transportation box


tool for 
flange necks

Technical features:
Delta Dragon 250 CNC 

Working range Ø 75 ÷ 250 mm
Power supply 110 or 230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Total absorbed power 4000 W (110 V) - 4150 W (230 V)
Working temperature 180° ÷ 280° C
Memory records 4000
Weight machine body  90 Kg
Weight gearcase  39  Kg
Dimensions machine body  1000x820x1000 mm
Dimensions gearcase 585x384x463 mm

Technical features:
Delta Dragon 315 CNC

Materials PE/PP/PB/PVDF
Working range Ø 90 ÷ 315 mm
Power supply 110 o 230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Total absorbed power 4500 W (110 V) - 5150 W (230 V)
Working temperature 180° ÷ 280° C
Memory records  4000 cicli
Weight machine body 125 Kg
Weight gearcase  39 Kg
Dimensions machine body  1150x970x1170 mm
Dimensions gearcase 585x384x463 mm


machine body



milling cutter



tool for 
flange necks