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Bahrein - DELTA 1600 

Everything changes once you are standing in front of uncommon proportions: points of view, feelings, even the time seems to go by differently.

These are the first sensations I had once I arrived in Bahrein to visit a job site with big diameters pipes managed by the DELTA 1600 HDR: welding machine with hydraulic motion with a working range from 800 to 1600 mm.

Here, people are thinking about future with a modern and welcoming residential area in the artificial island of Al Madina Al Shamaliya.


The air around is worm, even in winter, with a nice wind coming from the sea, that carries thin sand and humid air.
All around the scenario is like a moonscape that a big black conduct makes it even more mysterious. Here people weld kilometers of PE100 Ø 1200 mm SDR 26 that aims to take water from sea to be desalinate.

Moving around the welding machine, I have the picture in my mind when months ago my colleagues were assembling it. It is almost strange watching it in this environment; it looks even smaller even though is a huge 5 tons piece of machine. 

On the job site, a supervisor is taking care of the safe working condition of everybody, in fact here they operate only with big machineries. Talking about security, Delta 1600 offers many benefits. The working area is raised from the ground protecting the operators and allowing them to be the directors of the area thanks their view between job site and welding machine.
To move the pipes, a crane is always available. The foreman deals with people, machines and times to avoid wasting of time.

The Ritmo’s Welding machine, with its hydraulic clamps, makes the job quicker. In just a few minutes all the claps are open wide without any support from other mechanical devices. Suddenly it becomes majestic underlining the contrast between the words huge and light.

The hydraulic clamps give you another benefit in terms of grip on pipes, avoiding annoying slip during the pressure phase; thing that usually may occur with insufficient manual fastening.

To conclude, there are still 4 km left to be weld, and day by day the temperature is raising quickly. Anyway, this aspect does not affect the welding machine since it is equipped with a heat exchanger for the hydraulic circuit.

On the job site, perfect welds are certified by “The Inspector”: the Ritmo’s data logger that record and monitor all the Delta 1600s workflow. The device relies on an internal memory of 1000 cycles and a GPS system. Another proof of quality during the work that Ritmo’ system guarantees.

Since colors around me are changing, I realize that the today’s work is getting to its end and the last perfect symmetric bead around the pipe is forming in the last weld of the day.
With the evening approaching, the lights on the job-site turns on to allow people to organize the following day’s work and prepare the machine.

I look everything like I was inside a movie set where all the reflectors spot on the main character: the welding machine.
It is true: “everything changes once you are standing in front of uncommon proportions: points of view, feelings, even the time seems to go by differently”… same as the feeling we have watching a movie.